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Nicely Out Of Tune

6 Apr
Nicely Out Of Tune

Nicely Out Of Tune

This is the album which gives its name to this blog! It came out in the UK in 1970 on the Charisma label (also home to a lot of early Genesis recordings – and Monty Python’s Flying Circus too). This was the debut album of Lindisfarne – a band from north east England. Like many people I actually bought their next album (Fog on the Tyne) before this because it had the band’s first hit single on it. Having heard that though, I was keen to get my hands on their earlier effort because their second single hit (‘Lady Eleanor’) was from this recording which belatedly got into the charts and which also contains two of the band’s other classics (‘Clear White Light part 2′ and ‘We Can Swing Together’). All three of these tracks by Lindisfarne’s main songwriter, Alan Hull who died tragically young.

The overall feel of Nicely out of Tune is folky-bluesy, good-time music with a few more introspective slower numbers. I also think this was the first album I bought which contained a Woody Guthrie track (‘Jackhammer Blues’). I haven’t yet got round to getting this on CD (largely because the key tracks have been anthologised repeatedly).

The title was, reputedly, chosen by the band on the basis that they saw themselves as ‘nicely out of tune’ with the London-centric sound of the times – and I’ve pinched it because my own music collection is both eclectic and focused well away from the majority of current commercial recordings.