Cajun Classics – The Kings of Cajun at their Best

15 May


This compilation CD from 1993 on the fine Ace Records label (CDCHM 431) marked the point when I thought that I’d actually translate my enjoyment of Cajun music (see 16 April 2013 piece on The Electric Bluebirds) into something more than liking particular artists or songs into attempting to explore the whole cajun/zydeco scene in a bit more depth – and how it mutates into the blues.

That all sounds dead academic – but it’s much more simple really!  I just like cajun and zydeco music even if my understanding of Cajun French is such that I have little or no idea of what the lyrics are about most of the time! There’s just something the good-time vibe that make you want to dance.

And this is a great entree to a range of performers.  The tracks are selected from over the period 1959 – 91 and include heavyweight US musicians of the genre including Nathan Abshire, Dewey Balfa and Austin Pitrie as well as Michael Doucet’s incomparable Beausoleil (who I saw a few years ago). There are also some classic songs – not least D.L. Meynard’s  classic ‘La Porte En Arrière’, the traditional ‘Jolie Blon’ and Eddie Shuler’s ‘Sugar Bee’.

Every half-decent music collection needs to have some cajun tracks and there are a lot worse introductions than this.


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