17 Aug


It was the single Warwick Avenue that made me notice Ms. Amie Ann Duffy when this debut album came out in 2008. I’d heard the earlier single (the excellent Mercy) on the radio – but had not really thought of it as anything more than the latest rather classy one-off hit from the latest in a long line of young women seeking to make their career in popular music.

Warwick Avenue though made me investigate Ms Duffy a bit more – firstly because her voice really is undoubtedly soulful and expressive, and secondly because she had  a co-writing credit on the track. I’ve no idea of  how much of the song is ‘hers’ in comparison with the other two named  (Eg White and Jimmy Hogarth) but but this did suggest an artist with some creative (rather than just interpretive talent) and/or someone with some  business sense.

Duffy has co-writing credit on all ten tracks, including four with Suede’s Bernard Butler, and the album is a really well-constructed showcase which well-deserved the success it achieved. It’s songs are strong (Distant Dreamer is my favourite, along with the three hits) and  the production full and rich.

The follow up album (2010’s Endlessly) did not do anything like as well in terms of sales and Duffy has now rather dropped off my radar – but I do hope she’ll be back and she’ll repeat the success of this debut – her voice is too good to be lost for long.


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