Live At (From) Leeds

4 Jul

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Is there something in the water at Leeds which draws out great performances which make it onto recordings?

First up is the live album from  The Who in 1970 (often cited as one of the best live rock albums ever). Next up is from the late, great John Martyn from 1976 and, most recently Kate Rusby‘s concert DVD from 2003.

All three are worth seeking out.

My copy of The Who is the 1995 CD version which has  eight more tracks than the original vinyl but not as many as the double CD deluxe edition or the 40th anniversary collector’s edition! Doncha just love how record companies milk the product?  It’s hard to single out favourite tracks as this collection works best as an overall document of just how awesome The Who were as a live band but I have a fondness for the cover versions.

John Martyn has also been reissued both with bonus tracks and as an extended  double CD but my copy is of the original six tracks released privately by the artist in a limited edition of 10,000 copies. The story behind this early example or artist-sanctioned bootlegs can be found at . The key tracks for me are ‘Solid Air’, ‘Bless the Weather’ and the Skip James blues number ‘I’d rather be the Devil’.

I am a big Kate Rusby fan. This concert DVD (befitting the ‘Barnsley Nightingale’ it is from Leeds, rather than At Leeds) comes from the City Varieties Theatre and is stunning. Her performance of ‘Underneath The Stars’ is worth the purchase price alone.





One Response to “Live At (From) Leeds”

  1. simon2013 July 22, 2013 at 12:24 pm #

    Hi, I agree that ‘Leeds” seems to have had a great effect – I love the Who’s extended Magic Bus – I haven’t got their Live at Hull CD from the same tour to feel the difference – and I am sure there is a story there.

    You also made me go into my garage a check as there have also been two vinyl re-issues of John Martyn’s lp – one on Cacophany c 1987 and then it was put on two slabs of vinyl by Turning Point in 2002 – a winter job to see if there are sonic differences.

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