The Criminal Under My Own Hat

23 Jun


T-Bone Burnett isn’t an artist whose work I actively seek out – but I have several CDs with which he’s associated as a performer (starting with  Bob Dylan’s ‘Desire’) or, more commonly, as producer (starting with Los Lobos’ ‘How Will The Wolf Survive?’) and the appearance of his name in a review seems to be a hallmark for a quality project.  This is the only thing in my collection  released under his own name as putting out his own material doesn’t seem to be as much of a priority for him as producing soundtracks or the work of others.

‘The Criminal Under My Own Hat’ is from 1992 and issued on Columbia. Twelve tracks  – including three with occasional collaborators Bob Neuwirth and Elvis Costello and the musicians include Jim Keltner on drums and Van Dyke Parkes.  All intelligent adult rock music of which my favourites are the opening pairing of  ‘Over You’ and ‘Tear This Building Down’ but overall, there’s not that much of Henry Burnett’s personality coming across – and I’m left thinking that his most distinctive skill lies in helping others realise a musical vision


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