9 Jun


Released just a couple of months ago (April 2013) ‘Regardless’ is the fourteenth album from Thea Gilmore, (who clearly does not suffer writer’s block since she is still only 33 years old) and it’s the sixth I have of hers.

Eleven  AOR radio-friendly, intelligent , well-produced soft rock/pop songs. More strings than I generally like and just a bit too slickly-produced. Bought as a download and Ms Gilmore’s website, really irritatingly, doesn’t say who the musicians are or where it was recorded (this really gets up my nose).

Strongest tracks on the first few listens are ‘Love Came Looking for Me’ and ‘Start As You Mean to Go On’. Pleasant enough but overall, this collection isn’t as strong as others I have.Perhaps it’s a slow-burner and will grow on me.


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