There’s A Last Time For Everything

6 May

Last time0001

Well, when I started this blog I wouldn’t have guessed that it’d be Lucy Wainwright  Roche (LWR) who’d be the first artist to get two entries – but it is. This is her soon-to-be-released second album bought at a gig four days ago when most of her between-song chat was about her dog rather than plugging the product!

An interesting thing is that it appears to have been done  without the intervention of a record company (no label but the artist’ s own website and  – I’m presuming here – via digital download through Amazon and i-Tunes in  due course). The economics of this shift are set out in a really interesting way by former Talking Head David Byrne in his fascinating book How Music Works (2012).

The physical CD has 11 tracks  – probably a little more polished production than LWR’s debut but with same thoughtful instrumentation and great harmonies. Mary Chapin Carpenter guests on ‘A Quiet Line’  and Bobby Hecht and Colin Meloy feature once apiece on two others. There’s one co-written song and one cover – all the rest are by LWR and display her trademark warmth and wit – and clear, pure voice. So far my favourite (possibly because I heard it live) is ‘Last Time’.


One Response to “There’s A Last Time For Everything”

  1. esther millson January 22, 2014 at 11:56 pm #

    Try Ren Harvieu’s ‘Through The Night’.

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